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Paris Fashion Designers offers a doorway into the Fashion and Design Industry in Paris France, Database of Designers and Stylists, and where to buy there designers products at factory outlet prices.


Fashion in Paris reaches its maximum expression, gathering its own origins to take them across borders, both concrete and mental. Despite the rivalry and competition from other European capitals, such as London and Milan, and New York itself, in Paris fashion is entirely another matter.


The biggest names in international fashion - those of ready-to-wear and haute couture fashion -  took their first steps in this extraordinary city. Names such as Chanel, Gaultier, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and many others, found in Paris the best way to express themselves and their art.


In this wonderful capital city you can easily be inspired by its colours for example the Montmartre and Latin Quarter’s warm ones, the spiritual colours of the Parisian literature or those ones that link Paris and the cinema.


It can be said that fashion in Paris was born with the great French courts, when the Sun King and Marie Antoinette dictated not just the law but also the fashion trends! Very fashionable, in 1870, was the so-called Cul de Paris (literally, Parisian bottom), a fashion long skirt which emphasized the lower back. Women used some sort of tool called “Tournure” to expose their “back”.

In Paris everything is fashion, the Carrousel du Louvre four times a year heralds the bright colors of what will be the collections of the next season, telling the world what (and how) to wear in the streets of the city.


The elegance's capital does not feel threatened by anyone, at all! Paris is always ready to create new trends and high fashion names.


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